Dec 3, 2010

Carnatic Latté - Site Purpose

Carnatic Latté expresses the observations, comments, and questions of 4 upcoming artists of Carnatic music in Chennai, India. We hope to stir up a healthy musical discussion, and in such discussions there is no right or wrong. Please forgive us if in our attempt to be candid, we inadvertantly offend anyone. Rasikas and musicians are invited to please take part in the discussion with their comments and thoughts as we post our musings on music.

This being the initial post of the blog, we ask for all of your feedback and suggestions. We will soon follow up with topics related to music, as and when we come across them.

Hope you find this useful and thought provoking. Your contributions will be our motivation to continue this effort towards creating open and healthy musical discussions.

Carnatic Latté Team


  1. Nice effort to pool up thoughts ideas and opinions on music and also have good discussions. Lets hope it takes off the way you guys thought it would ! Lets see some intriguing posts which can provoke our thoughts and lead to something productive.

    all the best!

    I love the template though...looks awesome!


  2. I like the concept. What is more interesting is that GenNow is so seriously involved in Carnatic Music. An open platform to exchange thoughts, comments, constructive criticism on Carnatic Music is not only useful but necessary, no doubt. My best wishes.

  3. i think it should be noted by all the upcoming artists !! MUST WATCH

  4. @ Vignesh: Thanks a lot for your comments. Do contribute as and when you can to our discussions.

    @ Srivatsa: Thanks for your feedback. We hope you find this space to be useful.

    @Ananth: Thanks for your positive comments. Do follow us on facebook and twitter for regular updates

  5. This is a good idea to make like minded people get connected. Wish that this network stays long.

  6. Looking forward to seeing some meaningful discussions and interactions happening here. Congrats to the team on your efforts to bring this about and all the best to you all.

  7. @ Saranya: Thanks a lot Saranya for your wishes! We have a few posts that are active. Please read through them!

    @ Leela: Thank you so much for your kind words. Please do keep coming back for more info and news!


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