Dec 4, 2010


Is this site necessary? Maybe not. Is it useful? Maybe.

A site such as this one, albeit well intentioned, is only as useful as those who contribute to it. I'm not referring merely to the 4 artists who have joined together to make this site, but those who view and comment on the topics here as well.

Please spread the word and add your thoughts here.

For starters, please feel free to share your thoughts on this concept itself. We have heard feedback from artists and rasikas while planning this, and would love if some of them would post here for everyone to see.

... Is the site necessary? Can it be useful?


  1. It is very necessary if it can generate positive and constructive thoughts and criticism. Many a times, one looks out for sites to share an experience and immediate experiences. So, I am sure that this will be welcomed with good cheer!

  2. @ Raja: Thanks for your thoughts on this blog. We hope this brings you many more new experiences.

  3. Definitely we need sites like this. People can share their experiences in the concerts they heard or performed. As the december season is on in chennai. Looking forward for the postings..

  4. great work guys... i hope i will also contribute in someway... sooner or later!

  5. I think YACM was founded from the scratch just like this .. Carnatic music field is really in need of such minds at work , aiming to contribute to music in some useful way ..

  6. @Saranya: We also look forward to all your experiences from the season

    @Gopalakrishnan: Thank you! Your contributions and comments are welcome! :)

    @Arunachala Karthik: Thank you so much for your thoughts...

  7. Hi my dear friends.....

    have been enjoying the great 'seasonal' weather! ;-) However, it is also very irritating when we have to wade through the water to reach the sabha premises. The worst is when the dias is literally like a fort with a moat filled with filthy water in the front. The water would have been a biologists' delight! Y cant the organisers do something about this.....


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